QAngio XA 3D


Fast and accurate 3D reconstruction
Easy wizard-guided workflow
Suitable for online use, during patient procedure
Innovative Acquisition Guide to determine viewing angles for good second projection
Fast calculation of the QFR
No need for adenosine and/or pressure wire
Adjustable reporting
Analyses can be reopened for additional editing

3D QCA analysis

Can be applied to monoplane and biplane acquisitions
Accurate offset correction between the projections
Calibration based on Isocenter data
Efficient patented acquisition guiding tool suggesting optimal viewing angles for next acquisition
Automatic 2D and 3D contour detection and quantification
Calculation of optimal viewing angles for subsequent treatment
Calculation of lesion foreshortening
Support for ECG visualization
Easy wizard for intuitive guided workflows

QFR (Quantitative Flow Ratio) analysis

QFR calculated from 3D QCA according to 3 different flow models:

  • Fixed flow QFR, using fixed flow velocity
  • Contrast QFR, using contrast frame count in an angiogram without hyperemia
  • Hyperemic QFR, using contrast frame count in angiogram, taken in adenosine-induced hyperemic condition
QFR “pull-back” curve along the analyzed vessel segment
Three QFR indices: Vessel, lesion and index Q

Reporting and data processing

Detailed and adjustable reporting
All analysis results can be saved and reloaded again for reviewing or editing
Results and screenshots can be exported in numerous formats (DICOM, pdf, jpg, bmp, png …)