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Clinical implications QFR post-PCI

Norihiro Kogame, MD and his co-authors under the leadership of Prof Patrick Serruys and Dr Yoshinobu Onuma published a paper in JACC Interventions about the clinical implication of QFR after PCI for 3-vessel disease. This is a retrospective analysis from a total of 968 vessels from the SYNTAX II Trial. The primary endpoint was vessel-oriented composite endpoint (VOCE) at 2 years. Given the fact that the angiographic data had not been acquired according to QFR guidelines, 771 vessels (79.6%) were analyzable. A total of 52 (6.7%) VOCEs occurred at 2 years. The mean value of post-PCI QFR was 0.91. They found that a higher post-PCI QFR value is associated with improved vessel-related clinical outcomes in state-of-the-art PCI practice for de novo 3VD. Achieving a post-PCI QFR value >=0.91 in all treated vessels should be a target when treating de novo 3VD.

For further read: J Am Coll Cardiol Intv 2019; 12: 2064-75;