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Diagnostic accuracy of QFR for assessing MI in prior myocardial infarction.

This work was carried out by the team of Prof Akasaka at Wakayama Medical University in Japan.

They analyzed fixed-flow QFR (fQFR) and contrast-flow QFR (cQFR) in 75 prior-MI-related coronary arteries and 75 non-prior-MI-related coronary arteries. The diagnostic accuracy of fQFR <_ 0.8 and cQFR<_0.8 for predicting FFR<_0.80 was found to be numerically lower in the prior-MI-related coronary arteries compared with the non-prior-MI-related coronary arteries (fQFR: 77% vs 87%; and cQFR: 87% vs 92%).

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