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Medis Presents QMass MR & QFlow Enterprise solution

Medis released on Oct 16, 2011 the new QMass® MR 7.4 and QFlow® 5.4 Enterprise Solution. This new version of Cardiovascular MR post processing software has been developed for clinical day-to-day practice, where cardiologists and radiologists always find themselves pressed for time. The design enables efficient workflow as many features have been added such as a powerful MR viewer and a database for managing work. Medis’ customers with a focus on research will also appreciate the various new features and functionality that the software now encompasses.

“We learn constantly from our highly valued customers, discuss what is important for them for both clinical research and clinical practice, and set up our priority lists accordingly for the new developments. In this new Enterprise Solution, we have set a major step towards supporting the clinical users by providing a versatile cardiac MR viewer with an integrated connectivity platform. Plus we do have a new T2* analysis module in addition to all the available best-in-class quantitative analyses“, said Daniel Garcia, VP M&S of Medis medical imaging systems. “We realize that cardiac MR is increasingly used in clinical practice, and that fast and robust analyses and a thought-through workflow solution saves valuable physician and technician time.”

One of the major strong points of the Enterprise Solution is the versatile viewer, which makes it easy to compare MR data sets, offering better insights. It allows for an automatic selection of appropriate review layout for cardiac study type or disease, as well as cross-referencing and synchronization of studies, easy customization by dragging and dropping, etc.

The integrated connectivity platform allows access to cardiac MR studies across the network, built-in DICOM connectivity, including query and retrieve, and truly support for cardiac MR studies of all major MR vendors.

The QMass MR and QFlow software has been well-known for its reproducible and validated results, and that remains the backbone of the software. These include LV and RV function analysis, late-enhancement analysis, first-pass perfusion analysis of rest and stress studies, phase-contrast blood flow analysis, comparison analysis of dobutamine stress studies, and new also T2* analysis.

The powerful reporting module allows among others customizable report templates for clinical reporting, configurable normal values and z-scores, drag and drop images, automatically export results and reports to PACS.

In summary, the latest release of QMass MR Enterprise Solution now offers, a Powerful Cardiac MR viewer optimizing post-processing workflow with state of the art T2* analysis capabilities; Enterprise-wide access to cardiac datasets and cardiac clinical applications across your network, when and where you need them. Efficient Review for intelligent recognition of cardiac study type and automatic selection of the appropriate review layout enabling streamlining workflow and eliminating time-consuming tasks. Integrated Quantification allowing easy access to the best-in class QMass® MR and QFlow® software applications and fully-integrated quantification results for centralized access to reviewing, quantification and reporting.