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QAngio® XA 7.2 Release Brings Innovations in Bifurcation Analysis

Today, Medis releases the new version of its quantitative analysis software for peripheral and coronary vessels in X-ray angiograms, QAngio XA 7.2.

This version features two major innovations in the analysis of bifurcated arteries: dedicated analysis models and edge segment analysis.

QAngio XA 7.2 gives clinicians and researchers two dedicated analysis models for bifurcations. The T-shape and Y-shape analysis models make it possible to handle differences in vessel morphology, device, and intervention strategy.

QAngio XA 7.2 also optionally features analysis results for all stent and ostial edge segments in bifurcated vessels. This allows clinicians and researchers to focus on specific segments of the vessel wall, such as stent edges, ostia of distal branches and the bifurcation core.

The QAngio XA 7.2 innovations make bifurcation analysis more flexible and enable more targeted follow-up of patients after intervention.