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Rolf Symons, MD (Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore and NIH, Washington) received the Toshiba Young Investigator Award at the SCCT 2016 meeting on reproducibility of CCTA plaque measurements using QAngio CT Research Edition.

Dr. Symons and team members compared plaque measurement reproducibility (scan-rescan) on 2 state-of-the-art CT scanners. Group (1) of 20 patients had rescan within 30 days on same scanner, while group 2 had rescan on different scanner. Plaque volumes were analyze with Medis’ QAngio CT Research Edition software. Conclusions: State-of-the-art CCTA shows excellent total, calcified and non-calcified coronary plaque reproducibility, especially with the same CT scanner. CCTA is a valid tool to reliably assess change in coronary plaque volume in both research and clinical routine.

SCCT 2016 Award winners